UAB PAYRNET's Ongoing Fund Reimbursement Process: Updates and Clarifications

UAB Payrnet

The recent revocation of UAB PAYRNET’s electronic money institution license by the Bank of Lithuania has raised significant concerns among its customers. However, recent statements from the Bank of Lithuania shed light on the ongoing fund reimbursement process. In this article, we will delve into the latest developments, including the progress made, reasons for delays, and how customers can seek resolution regarding their funds.

Fund Reimbursement Progress

According to the Bank of Lithuania, UAB PAYRNET has already taken steps to return approximately half of the funds to its customers. The speed at which the remaining funds will be reimbursed depends on various factors, with customer communication playing a crucial role in this process.

Factors Affecting the Pace of Reimbursement

The pace of fund reimbursement is contingent upon several factors, one of which is effective communication between customers and UAB PAYRNET. Timely and accurate communication is essential for a smooth and expedited return of funds.

Data Exchange Challenges

One of the key factors contributing to delays in the reimbursement process is the specific business model employed by UAB PAYRNET. The institution provided financial services through a network of 90 agents, distributors, or other legal entities. Unfortunately, data exchange issues were experienced with some of these entities, necessitating a reconciliation of customer funds.

While this reconciliation process has extended the time required to return funds, it has also served to ensure the transparency and accuracy of all settlements with customers. UAB PAYRNET has been in communication with the Bank of Lithuania regarding these challenges and has reassured the regulatory body of its commitment to expedite the reimbursement process.

How to Seek Resolution

For customers with questions regarding the settlement terms and procedures, direct contact with UAB PAYRNET is advised. You can reach out to them via email at or contact the agent who provided services on behalf of UAB PAYRNET. Additionally, UAB PAYRNET’s website provides up-to-date information on the settlement procedure.

It’s important to note that, in accordance with legislation, the Bank of Lithuania no longer has the authority to mediate individual consumer disputes related to UAB PAYRNET following the revocation of its license. In cases of disputes concerning payment services, their scope, fund reimbursement, or other related issues, customers are encouraged to seek resolution through legal channels, such as the court system.


The revocation of UAB PAYRNET’s electronic money institution license has undoubtedly created challenges for its customers. However, the ongoing fund reimbursement process, as overseen by the Bank of Lithuania, is progressing. Effective communication, transparency in fund reconciliation, and a commitment from UAB PAYRNET are all crucial factors in ensuring the swift and accurate return of customer funds.

While the situation is undoubtedly frustrating for affected customers, seeking resolution through direct contact with UAB PAYRNET or, when necessary, the court system, remains the path forward for those with outstanding issues. It is a reminder of the importance of understanding the regulatory landscape and maintaining open channels of communication in the realm of financial services.