Cyber Wolf Dice Online Slot Review

by Endorphina

Cyber Wolf Dice, a creation by Endorphina, emerges as a thrilling slot adventure set in a futuristic, tech-driven world. With 5 reels and 10 paylines, players delve into a realm where the cybernetic meets the primal, featuring sleek visuals and a pulsating soundtrack that immerses them in the cyberpunk ambiance. This game boasts an RTP of 96.05%, offering fair chances to secure wins, with a maximum payout potential of 2,000x the initial bet. Cyber Wolf Dice showcases a blend of high-energy gameplay and innovative features, promising an electrifying experience for players seeking futuristic thrills and the chance to unearth substantial rewards within this high-tech, wolf-infused landscape.

Cyber Wolf online slot

Cyber Wolf Dice Online Slot Overview

Step into the electrifying world of Cyber Wolf Dice, Endorphina’s latest innovation in the realm of online slots, set to launch in November 2023. This game takes players on a gripping journey through a cyberpunk universe, where the fusion of advanced technology and primal instincts reigns supreme. With 5 reels and 10 paylines, Cyber Wolf Dice offers a captivating gaming experience that embraces the essence of high volatility, providing a rollercoaster of adrenaline-fueled spins. The game’s enticing features include an enticing RTP of 96.05%, ensuring a fair playing field for those looking to secure wins, with a tantalizing maximum payout potential of 2,000 times the initial bet.

Players will find themselves immersed in a visually stunning landscape that marries futuristic elements with raw, primal aesthetics. From sleek interfaces to neon-lit symbols and a pulsating soundtrack, Cyber Wolf Dice Online Slot delivers an immersive atmosphere, drawing players into its high-tech, wolf-infused world. The betting range, accommodating both cautious players and high rollers, spans from a minimum bet of 0.10 to a maximum of 40, allowing for diverse strategies and levels of engagement. The high volatility of Cyber Wolf Dice promises thrilling gameplay, with the potential for fewer but substantial wins, making each spin a suspenseful and potentially rewarding experience.

Endorphina has meticulously crafted Cyber Wolf Dice to embody the spirit of the cyberpunk genre, catering to the desires of both slot enthusiasts and those intrigued by futuristic themes. With its impending release, this game is poised to capture the attention of players seeking an adrenaline rush, sophisticated design, and the allure of substantial payouts within the captivating world of Cyber Wolf Dice Online Slot.

Pros & Cons of Cyber Wolf Dice

Midnight Delight: Exploring Cyber Wolf Dice's Game Features

In terms of game features, one crucial symbol to note is the Wild, a versatile icon capable of substituting for any symbol, except the Scatter, enhancing winning combinations. These wilds exclusively appear on reels 2, 3, or 4 and occasionally manifest in stacks, occupying multiple reel positions upon the spin’s conclusion. Additionally, the Scatter symbol holds prominence as the highest-paying symbol, capable of landing anywhere on the table, irrespective of active paylines. Securing 3 Scatters initiates the coveted Cyber Wolf Dice free spins, granting players an opportunity to embark on 8 initial spins without wagering.

During these Free Spins, a unique facet unfolds; a chance to transform randomly chosen regular symbols into Wilds, injecting an exciting twist into the gameplay dynamics. Initially, this transformative effect occurs once at the onset of the bonus round. However, as the free spin session progresses, symbols with yellow indicators may surface. Accumulating a certain quantity of these indicators tied to a specific symbol type triggers the transformation of all symbols of that type into Wilds. Notably, symbols perceived as less potent necessitate a higher number of indicators due to their prevalence. Each activation of these Extra Wilds not only alters the game’s landscape but also rewards an additional free spin, prolonging the thrilling bonus round.

Post each victorious spin, players confront a tempting proposition—a gambling opportunity via a card-based mini-game. This optional gamble presents the chance to double the winnings. However, it demands choosing a card higher than the dealer’s, with a win doubling the earnings while a loss results in forfeiture of all accumulated winnings. The gamble, entirely voluntary, allows players to opt-out at any time to secure their gains.

Cyber Wolf Dice Paytable and Symbols

Scatter Test 2

5   x250.00

4   x20.00

3   x2.00

Symbol 04

5   x20.00

4   x10.00

3   x2.00

Symbol 08

5   x10.00

4   x2.50

3   x0.50

Symbol 01

5   x50.00

4   x30.00

3   x5.00

2   x1.00

Symbol 05

5   x15.00

4   x4.00

3   x0.50

Symbol 09

5   x10.00

4   x2.50

3   x0.50

Symbol 02

5   x40.00

4   x20.00

3   x4.00

Symbol 06

5   x15.00

4   x4.00

3   x0.50

Symbol 11


Symbol 03

5   x30.00

4   x15.00

3   x3.00

Symbol 07

5   x10.00

4   x2.50

3   x0.50

Cyber Wolf Dice Online Slot In-Play Visuals

Cyber Wolf Dice Slot: Max Win, Volatility & RTP

The max win, volatility, and RTP (Return to Player) are crucial aspects defining the gaming experience in Cyber Wolf Dice, an immersive slot by Endorphina. Let’s break these down.

Firstly, the max win in Cyber Wolf Dice stands at an enticing 2,000x the initial bet. This figure represents the pinnacle of potential rewards within the game, offering players an exciting goal to aim for with each spin. Achieving this maximum win can amplify the thrill of gameplay and keep players engaged as they chase after this substantial jackpot.

Secondly, the game boasts high volatility, signifying the level of risk and reward players can anticipate. High volatility implies that while wins might occur less frequently, they have the potential to be significant when they do hit. This dynamic nature creates an adrenaline-pumping experience, as each spin holds the promise of a substantial payout. Players who enjoy the excitement of uncertainty and the potential for larger wins often gravitate towards games with high volatility, like Cyber Wolf Dice.

Lastly, the RTP of Cyber Wolf Dice is pegged at 96.05%. This percentage reflects the expected return to players over an extended period. For every 100 units wagered over time, players can anticipate getting back about 96.05 units. The RTP underscores the game’s fairness, indicating that it provides a reasonable chance for players to recoup a significant portion of their wagers over prolonged gameplay sessions.

In combination, the high volatility brings excitement and anticipation to each spin, while the substantial max win and fair RTP make Cyber Wolf Dice an attractive choice for players seeking thrilling gameplay and the potential for significant rewards.

Cyber Wolf Dice Online Slot - Our Verdict

The team at fervently recommends the slot game ‘Cyber Wolf Dice’ by Endorphina for its multifaceted allure and thrilling gameplay that beckons both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike. This recommendation stands on the pillars of several standout features that make Cyber Wolf Dice an exemplary choice in the realm of online slots. Firstly, the game boasts a commendable RTP of 96.05%, a testament to its fairness and player-centric design. This percentage signifies that over time, players can expect to receive approximately 96.05% of their wagers back, an appealing proposition for those seeking sustained entertainment and reasonable returns.

The game’s potential for massive payouts is staggering, with a maximum payout of 2,000 times the initial bet. This capacious reward serves as a beacon, alluring players with the prospect of substantial wins that can elevate their gaming experience to new heights. Complementing this tantalizing prospect are the game’s 5 reels and 10 paylines, providing a balanced and engaging platform for players to navigate the cybernetic landscape of Cyber Wolf Dice.

The high volatility of this Endorphina creation adds an exhilarating layer to the gameplay. While wins might not occur as frequently in high-volatility games, the allure lies in the potential for larger, more impactful payouts. This thrill of uncertainty coupled with the chance to land significant wins on each spin creates an adrenaline-fueled environment that resonates with players seeking excitement and substantial rewards.

Cyber Wolf Dice’s flexible betting range contributes to its widespread appeal. With a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum bet of 40, the game accommodates a diverse array of players, from cautious beginners to high rollers looking to maximize their stakes. This accessibility ensures that the game caters to a wide spectrum of preferences and playing styles, making it an inclusive and engaging option in the online slot repertoire.

In essence, the amalgamation of a commendable RTP, a substantial max payout potential, 5 reels and 10 paylines, high volatility for heightened excitement, and a flexible betting range positions Cyber Wolf Dice as a standout choice endorsed by This game encapsulates the perfect blend of fairness, excitement, and potential for substantial rewards, solidifying its status as a top-tier offering in the world of online slot gaming.

Cyber Wolf Dice Online Slot FAQs

What is the theme of Cyber Wolf Dice?

Cyber Wolf Dice has a futuristic cyberpunk theme featuring wolves and technological elements.

How many reels and paylines does Cyber Wolf Dice have?

This slot game has 5 reels and 10 paylines.

What are the main bonus features in Cyber Wolf Dice?

The game offers free spins triggered by scatter symbols and a risk game where players can double their winnings.

Is Cyber Wolf Dice available for mobile play?

Yes, the game is optimized for mobile devices and can be played on smartphones and tablets.

What is the maximum jackpot in Cyber Wolf Dice?

The maximum win potential can vary, but players have the chance to win significant amounts through the game’s features and combinations.

Are there any special symbols in Cyber Wolf Dice?

Yes, the game includes wild symbols that substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations and scatter symbols that trigger free spins.

What is the minimum and maximum bet in this game?

The minimum bet typically starts at a low amount, varying between casinos, and the maximum bet depends on the casino’s settings.

Does Cyber Wolf Dice have a progressive jackpot?

No, this game does not feature a progressive jackpot. Wins are based on individual spins.

Can players try Cyber Wolf Dice for free before playing with real money?

Many online casinos offer a demo version of the game, allowing players to try it for free before wagering real money.

What sets Cyber Wolf Dice apart from other slot games?

The unique cyberpunk theme combined with the engaging bonus features and potential for significant wins distinguishes Cyber Wolf Dice from other slot games in the market.